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This blog is not about the study of theology, or an apologetic, or an explication of dogma. It’s about my life, coming to faith in God, discovering truth, learning lessons. So, by definition, it’s autobiographical, and contains my observation about life and my own ideas about how things are – my “take” on what might be called theology, plus a lot more. {Image: The blogger dressed for New England weather, circa 1955.}

The weather records show February 1952 wasn’t an especially snowy month – but I was told I was born in Lynn Hospital, sheltering from a blizzard raging just outside its walls. Born into a whirlwind. It was my parents’ fourth anniversary – I’m sure my mother hated me for that. I crowded in on her special day, stole my father’s sole attention, ruined her figure, and forced her to quit her fulfilling job at Muzinsky’s shoe store. Back then, young married women couldn’t get jobs because they were expected to leave once they became pregnant. After trying for a couple of years and nothing, my mother told Mr. Muzinsky she couldn’t have children. She loved her job, the responsibility, its attractive retail atmosphere, gaining the approbation of others – she was very smart, capable, well organized, and pretty. I ruined everything.

I’m not quite an old lady, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, or as I prefer, the light at the end of the valley. I often see my life, and life in general, in terms of Psalm 23. To my mind, the valley opens to a new day, a new dawn. I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. In a deep valley there’s always danger – danger of being overshadowed by darkness, of natural disaster – falling boulders and the like. In this valley one’s journey, one’s “walk through” connotes time, the passage of time, entropy, constant decay. One is trapped on time’s arrow, inexorably hurtling toward the end, or if viewed correctly, toward a new sort of light which restores, makes new, makes whole.

Last night, I watched part of Whoopi Goldberg’s movie, Sister Act 2. She is a religious Sister teaching music in a parochial school. In a classroom scene she stands before a blackboard – a prop – with a chalked list of three songs, 1, 2, 3. The first song was “Peace in the Valley”, apropos to Psalm 23. I own a nice rendition sung by Romance Watson. Listen to it online. Elvis Presley also recorded the song. The lyrics alone don’t do the song justice, but here they are.

Well, I’m tired and so weary but I must go along,
Till the Lord comes and calls, calls me away, oh, yes,
And the morning’s so bright and the lamb is the light,
And the night, night is as black as the sea, oh, yes.


There will be peace in the valley for me, some day,
There will be peace in the valley for me, dear Lord, I pray.
There’ll be no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble I see,
There will be peace in the valley for me.

The bear will be gentle and the wolf will be tame,
And the lion shall lie down with the lamb, that’s what it
says, And the beasts from the wild will be led by a child,
And I will be changed, changed from this creature that I am, oh, yes.

The phrase that I’m thinking of now is “the lamb is the light”. The light into which the valley opens is God’s light, the light of the land of the living. This light my eyes will behold, lest I sleep the sleep of death. A light which is not dragged into chaos by the passage of time.

This blog will be about life and death, and about God, Scripture, seeking God, believing in him or not, and the core ontological questions. I’ve been wondering about the nature of existence, my personhood, and fear and safety, just about as long as I’ve been alive – and about God, who I am to him, whether he is angry or benign, and about heaven and hell, death and judgement since I was three.

I may have many years to live, based on statistics, but I know for sure that now I’m on the home stretch. So it seems the right time to begin to write, to share my “takes” on theology, on life, and in doing so to help others through the narrow valley along with me. Let us fear no evil, for the Lord is with us, with you, with me.


Author: Cynthia A. Kase

MA, Pastoral Theology, SJCME; Spiritual Director, Hesychia School; Blogger; Student of Life... Also see Linkedin

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Kase Takes on Theology”

  1. Cynthia, please don’t considered yourself old. You are only six months older than I am. I feel that God is providing me with a second childhood and a chance to spread his blessings.


  2. Cynthia…I look forward, with eager anticipation, to the rest of your story! Psalm 23 is so appropriate, given the valley you speak of.


  3. Cynthia, I will read and watch with interest. I appreciate the depth with which you share, and the sensitivity. It may be you are a bit hard on yourself, but I will be supporting you with the best I have.


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